Exploded Disc Brake Illustration by Kevin C. Hulsey  

Turnxon offers a broad range of assembly and test services supported by our highly skilled build and test personnel. Small, medium and large series are produced and tested with the aid of special assembly fixtures and their functions documented in functional tests. Depending on the application and requirement, Turnxon designs and builds the assembly fixtures in-house in a special engineering and tool shop.

The typical assembly components contain:

• Custom-made Parts
• (Retaining) Spring
• Steel Ball
• O-ring
• Shaft & Sleeve


Our post assembly operation including:

• Laser Welding
• Arc Welding
• Laser Cladding
• Heat Sealing
• Resistance Welding


Typical testing for assembled parts or instruments:

• Reliability Test
• Torsional Test
• Autoclave Test
• Leaking Test



ASS_300X200_1 ASSEMBLY(no chuizi)_300X200 assembly-part  ASS_300X200_6

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